Individual safes for Rent

An individual safe is one of the safest and most reliable places, in which private and legal persons can store documents, jewelry, and other values. The vaults operate 24/7. Service packages

Order safe box How it works?

How it works?

Ordering the service

An individual safe can be rented at a convenient time by completing the booking form online  by email or by phone +370 696 84 425 (I-V, 8.00-17.00). 



Pay for services

For your convenience, you can pay for your services by e-banking, bank transfer,  bank card, PayPal or cash.

Use your individual safe

You will be given access to the ordered safe and individual code that allows access to the storage.

Why to choose us?

Modern vault

Safes are located in one of the most modern vaults in the Baltic States. For your convenience, the Vault is working in 24/7 mode.

The transportation of values

At your convenience, valuables with the security escort will be transported from your designated location to the chosen EUROCASH1 vault.

Flexible pricing

EUROCASH1 pricing is adapted to customer needs. The rental price of safes depends on the size of the safes and the rental term.

We have suggestions based on your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible sizes of safes?

How to pay for services?

How long can I use the safe?