Terms of services


Rules of using the safe deposit box


For the purposes of these Rules, the following terms shall apply:

Lessor — EUROCASH1, UAB.

Client —  natural or legal person who concludes the Agreement.

Agreement — Safe lease agreement concluded by the Client with the Lessor.

Safe —  a safe deposit box chosen by the Client, which the Lessor leases to the Client in accordance with the Agreement.

Storage — a specially equipped room with safe doors, where the individual safe deposit boxes are installed.

Lessor's department —  is the Client service unit of the Lessor, where the rent of individual safes is provided.

Key — a key to unlock and lock the Safe.

Code — Individual code assigned to the Client, allowing access to the Storage.


  1. The Safe is leased to the Client , who concludes the Agreement with the Lessor and pays the safe rental price for the entire term of the lease.

  2. The Agreement is concluded on the vaults.eurocash1.lt website or upon arrival at the Lessor's department.

  3. The term of the safe rent is specified in the Agreement and starts from the date of conclusion of the Agreement specified therein.

  4. Safe lease is activated on weekdays within 24 hours from receipt of payment. After activation, the Client receives numbered Safe, Key from the Safe and Code for access to the Storage for his usage.

  5. The key from the Safe shall be transferred to the Client on weekdays, during the Lessor's business hours, at a time agreed in advance and at the Lessor's department, when the Lessor and the Client sign the Key transfer-acceptance act.

  6. The code that allows the Client to enter the Storage is sent to the e-mail address specified by the Client. If the e-mail address is not specified, the Code shall be transmitted together with the Key in a specially prepared sealed envelope.

  7. During the transfer of the key, the Client shall be explained the conditions of access to the Storage and the procedure for using the Safe shall be displayed.

  8. The Client's stay at the Storage is limited and can last no more than 20 minutes. The limitation of the time of stay is related to the security of individuals and property.

  9. During the use of the safe, the Client has to be alone in the Storage.

  10. The Client must make sure that the Safety deposit-box is locked after use.

  11. Each Client's visit to the Storage is recorded with the help of an electronic system.

  12. The Client must immediately inform the Lessor by phone at short number 1826 if the Key from the Safety deposit-box is lost or other persons become informed of the Code without the Client's permission.

  13. If there is no possibility to use the Safe or the Safe is damaged, the Client must immediately inform the Lessor about it by short number 1826 and follow the instructions.

  14. The Client does not have the right to sublease or provide the use of the Safe to third parties.

  15. It is forbidden to store dangerous objects — weapons, ammunition, chemical, radioactive, flammable (combustible), poisonous, narcotic, and other substances, for which the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania provides administrative or criminal liability. It is prohibited to store odor-emitting content, living beings and objects that may cause metal corrosion, mold, spill, or chemical reaction that may cause damage to the Client's Safe deposit-box, other safes  or the Client's items or the property of the Lessor held in the Storage.

  16. The Client has the right to extend the term of the Safe rental or change the Safe deposit box to another one under the conditions and procedures set out in the Agreement.

  17. At the end of the term of the Safe lease, the Client must vacate the Safe deposit box within 1 business day and on the same day, during the Lessor's working hours, at the time agreed with the Lessor's employee, transfer the Key by signing Key Transfer-acceptance act bearing the signatures of both the Lessor and the Client.

  18. Upon expiry of the lease term provided for in the Agreement, the Client Code shall expire immediately.

  19. The Client must properly fulfill all obligations stipulated in the Agreement.

  20. Filming and photography are strictly prohibited on the Vaults premises.

Additional information is provided:

E-mail: vaults@eurocash1.lt

By phone: + 370 5 230 2090